An Overview of Dubai

Dubai has proved to be one of the fastest developing economies in the world. The cosmopolitan culture makes it a global city. It gives access to around 1.5 billion population from around the globe. It is situated between Europe, Africa, and Asia which gives it an upper hand strategically. The growing economy has resulted in high living standards of luxury and comfort.

The federal government of Dubai is committed to a business-friendly environment, thus concentrates in infrastructure development to provide world-class amenities and state of the art infrastructure to the investors willing to set up the business in Dubai.

The skyscrapers and business towers in Dubai tell the story of the development of the economy. The development of freeways, railways, ports, and airports facilitates business activities in the region.

Why start a company in Dubai?

Benefits to Investors in Dubai

Dubai also offers the following benefits to foreign investors:

  • The easy and quick incorporation process
  • No restrictions on the recruitment of the staff from foreign countries
  • World-class infrastructure facilities
  • Low price for the utilities
  • Foreigner investors can set up a Limited Liability Company or a branch office of an existing company in a free zone
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed
  • The revenues and capital can be repatriated

Why start a company in Dubai?

To register the business in any of the free zones in Dubai, the investor needs to submit the following documents to the authorities of Dubai Government:

  • Business plan in detail
  • Description of the proposed commercial activity
  • Composition and Quantity of the employees
  • Investment Amount
  • Land lease agreement
  • Share capital deposit receipt

The concerned authorities will review the registration application. On approval from the government officials the investor can apply for the necessary licenses.

Here’s Why Dubai Attracts Investors

Below are listed some of the reasons because of which the investors from all around the globe are attracted towards Dubai

Location and Connectivity

Dubai provides access to major seaports and largest airports in the world, which facilitates easy transportation of merchandise between the East and the West.

Secured Investment Environment

The economy has created an ideal investment environment for businesses. The advantages further strengthen its position of the worlds, emerging, and dynamic market economies.

No-taxation Policy

Dubai has no capital gains or personal income taxes. It has one of the highest per-capita incomes in the world.

Hub of Multinationals Company

Global players like Microsoft, HP, LG Electronics, Oracle, HSBC, Sony, Nokia, Adidas Boeing, and BBC World are having their regional offices in Dubai.

There are numerous other reasons, why Dubai is one of the most desired places for living and doing business. The investment opportunities and ease of doing business attract foreigners to the city of glory.

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