Immigrants Without Visa Restrictions

UAE has emerged as the most significant business hub of the Middle East region. The number of individuals and millionaires is constantly increasing in the UAE and the projected report of Knight Frank says that the numbers are going to increase by around 15 % in the region by 2024.

The Immigrants represent nearly 80% of the population of the UAE, only 20% constitutes the local. UAE’s population, only 20% are locals. UAE requires more immigrants to meet the demand for the changing business conditions in the UAE.

The weakness of the passports restricts the traveling freedom of many immigrants due to visa restrictions. A Second passport facilitates mobility to the holders of weak passport. A large number of the population having weak passport, lives and work and carry out business in the UAE along with their families. Visa restrictions on weak passports, compelled the demand for second passports in the UAE and the whole of the MENA region.

The second passport is very well-liked among UAE residents who are from India, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq. The urge for second passports has increased considerably by 30% in UAE as the expats are ready to spend a hefty amount of money to travel without any visa restrictions.

Why UAE is Attractive?

The United Arab Emirates hosts more than 8.5 million people and is a hub for international migrants and expats

  • UAE shares half the market of second citizenship of millionaires with the MENA region
  • Dubai alone stands with 8,600 foreign multi-millionaires and around 1000 UHNW populations.
  • The rise in the number of millionaires in the region is expected to 500,000 by 2020, everyone looking for alternate investment options that provide mobility and protection
  • The visa restrictions in the UAE has recently been eased up, it now offers visa on arrival or arrives visa-free to citizens of over 100 countries of the world
  • To attract wealthy foreigners and investors from around the globe, the gold card scheme has been introduced by the UAE for those asking for permanent resident status for the first time
  • Citizenship events and conferences are held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai every year
  • There is no personal income tax in the UAE. There is no obligation for tax reporting and tax registration for an individual
  • UAE connects Asia, Europe, and America by air and it is the hub of international air routes. Around 56 million travelers are boarding at Dubai international airport every year.
  • With a second citizenship, the expats can access to the world’s best healthcare systems, education and enjoy a higher quality of life in UAE

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