Trade License in UAE

Practicing business activities in the UAE requires a valid license from the statutory body which controls and regulates the licensing policy in UAE. However, certain businesses require approval from the concerned ministries for trade licenses. In UAE, It is mandatory for all commercial and industrial businesses that they should register themselves with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their respective Emirate.

Types of License in the UAE

Having a trade license is the basic requirement for all commercial activity in the UAE to carry on their affairs. The business licenses are categorized under three heads:

  • Commercial licenses ­– It covers almost all types of trading activities
  • Professional licenses – clear by its name, it covers all professions and services.
  • Industrial licenses – it allows all industrial or manufacturing activities

License Renewal in UAE

The business license in the UAE is issued for one year and to continue the business actions, it is needed to be renewed thereafter. An entrepreneur cannot carry out business with an expired license. A license in UAE offers flexibility to make amendments at the time of renewal. A business house can fix various changes while renewal of the license.

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Applicable Amendments in License

Following changes are allowed under License amendment head:

  • Change of Trade Name
  • Addition, Change or withdraw a Business Activity
  • Change in Business Location
  • Change in Local Sponsor
  • Change or add any Management Details
  • Adding or Removing a Partner/partners
  • Amendment in Authorized Capital

Steps in Business License Amendment

Amendment in a trade license involves certain steps to be followed by the applicant

Fill the Registration and License Form – Select the required amendment and get the initial approval. The approval can be formally requested through the following channels:

  • Service centers
  • Happiness Lounge

Collect Business – Specific Approvals (if required) – If the activity of the business is regulated by any government departments, then the amendment needs business activity-specific approvals from the concerned government department.

Submitting Supporting Documents – The application for amendment should be braced by the supporting documents. The application and the supporting document depend upon the kind of amendment that is required.

Collection of the Updated License – Once the applicant submits the application, documents, and the approvals as mentioned above, a payment voucher is issued to the applicant, which is used to make the payment of the fees for the amendment.

Finally, the updated license can be collected after the payment transaction is completed.

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