What is the liquidation of the company?

It is an activity by which the operations as well as the existence of a company will come to an end. The word liquidation is also known as winding-up or dissolution or deregistration.

The liquidation of a company is generally known as the closing of, or cancellation of a company in the UAE.

Liquidation & Deregistration of Company in UAE

When companies are not functional any more or there is a mutual agreement that certain businesses and their activities should come to an end. When the organization is in a situation like this, it can be expected that it’s going to be a dissolved company in the near future.

Liquidation of a business organization is a prolonged process and thus needs an agent to handle the affairs. The process covers a wide array of business events like finalizing the company’s transactions which include liquidation of stock (the assets are sold or distributed among the shareholders and creditors), investigation of actions of the Directors in the past, etc. All the above actions are taken according to the commercial law of the UAE.

Liquidation of a company can be done by the company in any of the following cases:

  • The majority of the shareholders choose to liquidate the company with a prior decision
  • In case of insolvency, where the accumulated losses are greater than half of the company’s authorized capital
  • When the court rules to liquidate the company
  • Shareholders agree upon the Voluntary liquidation of the company

A company can conclude its business activities due to various factors, but for sure, it is indeed very complicated. It is therefore advised to hire the services of the specialists with the best of capabilities.

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Company Liquidation Process

Below is the list of the entire process of the liquidation of the company in UAE.

  • Nominate a liquidator
  • A resolution is issued by the board of directors of the company that the company is going under liquidation and hence, appointing a liquidator mentioning the credentials of the liquidator.
  • The liquidator announces the briefings of the board resolution in at least two local newspapers.
  • The creditors (if any) are supposed to submit their objections/ claim (if any) within the time stated in the publication. Other parties related to the company also entitled to object the liquidation.
  • The time extension can be demanded to the shareholders by the liquidator.
  • When the liquidation is completed, a report must be issued by the liquidator.
  • A closing report needs to be submitted to the registrar of the company by the liquidator. The company’s registrar office issues the certificate of deregistration once the report is approved.

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Documents required for Liquation of a Company

Here’s a list of documents needed for the process of liquidation:

  • License Copy
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association with necessary changes
  • Power of Attorney
  • Shareholders Resolution
  • Shareholders/Directors passport Copy
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Application Form for Deregistration
  • Notice Period for Liquidation

PMC Solutions FZCO as a Liquidator

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