It is impossible for any business to even exist without having an account in the bank in today’s era of globalization. Irrespective of the size of the business whether small or big business, an entrepreneur needs to open a bank account in the name of the business. It is the demand of business and also wise to have offshore bank accounts where the company is carrying out its commercial activities and is subjected to tax. PMC Solutions FZCO provides complete support and assistance to open bank accounts in UAE and ensures smooth operations.

Opening a bank account in a different country is not an easy task; rather it can be time-consuming and sometimes proves to be challenging. As we endorse to our customers with the utmost care, the relationship with your bank should also be taken care of likewise. PMC Solutions FZCO helps our clients in choosing the right bank according to their requirements and feasibility of location and introduces them to the bank.

How to Open Bank Account in UAE?

PMC Solutions FZCO is a registered agent of all Freezones and Offshore jurisdictions in UAE. We get the bank account opened with minimum documentation and hassles, within a short period. We make sure that the Client gets a multi-currency account with Online banking support.

Here are some of the steps that need to be followed to open a bank account in UAE

  1. The consent is accepted to open a bank account from the client in domestic, international, or Islamic business account oriented financial institutions.
  2. A detailed business plan showing substantial growth is prepared
  3. Meeting with the bank officials whether virtual or being physically presented at the branch.
  4. Submitting a bank application form requesting to open an account with the bank.
  5. Applying with all the required documents.
  6. Verification of the signature
  7. After the account is activated, the starting kit will be delivered to the registered address.
  8. PMC Solutions FZCO makes arrangements for the client so that he can get a multi-currency account.

Documentation required

Following are the documents required to open a bank account in the UAE

  • An account opening form
  • Resolution of the board of directors’ giving their consent to open an account with the selected bank, along with the authorized signatories
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company
  • Copy of trade license
  • Copy of your share certificates
  • Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
  • Passport copies of all partners/directors in the company

Our part in banking support to our clients

Our team works closely with the banking professionals to ensure the hassle-free opening of the bank account with the least of the paperwork required. Our rapport with the SME division of various banks gives us the confidence to serve our clients with the best of services.

PMC Solutions FZCO assists in banking services by opening a bank account with leading banks in the UAE like Mashreq Bank, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, RAK Bank, National Bank of Fujairah, and many other national and international banks.

Contact us for banking introduction services and we will be happy to serve you.