Rak Offshore Company

Rak Offshore Company Formation

RAK Offshore companies, same as before, remain totally Zero from taxes. Same as previously, there is no requirement to submit an audit report, whereby the UAE offshore jurisdictions are broadly known and recognized as highly respected for registration of offshore companies for international businesses.

However, all UAE Offshore companies or other companies must to follow United Arab Emirates law, RAK International Corporate Center (RAK ICC Offshore) can choose which law should to be applicable for arguments, inheritance and any other legal matter (the chosen law must be cited in the Memorandum and Articles of Association). A RAK offshore company can hold shares in “onshore” Dubai company (such as Dubai LLC company), or any other legal entity globally. A RAK International Corporate Center (RAK Offshore Company) can also own real estate property (such as free hold properties) in the UAE.

A RAK offshore company can hold a bank account in the Dubai UAE, for the use of carrying the day to day operational transactions and other related persons carrying out business. A RAK offshore company does not allow to carry out business with UAE residents, or conduct any trade in RAK Free Trade Zone and the UAE, unless, until it has obtained the suitable license from the concern authorities.