Isle of Man

Isles of Man

There are several tax favoured areas around the world, but none can rival the significant advantages provided by the Isle Of Man as an offshore money centre.The Isle of Man is a dependent of the British Crown, but has never formed part of the United Kingdom. The isle is very stable from the political point of view, and counts on a parliamentary government without political parties.

Offshore investments in the Isle of Man incur no liability to taxes on investment income or capital gains, so whether you’re seeking, pure capital growth, pension planning for your retirement or the latest portfolio management strategy, you can have the confidence of receiving tax free growth on your capital in one of the worlds most secure offshore investment centres. Isle of Man is indeed a tax efficient money centre.

In matters of direct taxation and fiscal affairs, the Isle Of Man is independent of and not subject to laws passed by the United Kingdom Parliament and there is no obligation to bring its tax system into line with those of the European Communtiy Members.There are no taxes on capital transfers, nor corporate taxes, to the richest, nor on capital earnings. The Isle of Man has a very strong bank, with a very well-developed financial infrastructure. There are diverse business formats, such as Limited Associations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC).