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Offshore company formation

Offshore company is mostly used by individuals and entities for the purpose of tax avoidance, invoicing international clients, maintaining corporate bank account, anonymity and asset protection. It is also used to put up holding structure to your corporate by holding shares in another firm locally and internationally. The offshore entity does not provide any visa or require any office space.

An offshore company has tax exemption / low tax. In most jurisdictions or countries, no filing of accounts or submitting of annual returns is required after the offshore company has been registered. You can set up your offshore company in many jurisdictions, in many regions around the world. There is no restriction based on your nationality.

PMC Solutions DMCC specializes in formation and registration of offshore companies in offshore tax haven countries like Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Monaco, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & The Greandines, Seychelles & Singapore.

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Offshore Company Registration

Setting up your offshore company – Company formation & Registration.
select from the below listed tax haven countries.


Starting a offshore company in the Bahamas isn’t cheap, at least for foreigners. The Bahamas is officially known as the “Commonwealth of the Bahamas” is located in the Lucayan Archipelago.



Belize Offshore Company Formation is quite easy, hassle-free and affordable in comparison to other offshore company formation. Belize offshore companies are legitimately registered to operate outside the country of their registration.



The British Virgin Islands are a British dependency located in the Eastern Caribbean, about 80 kilometers East of Puerto Rico.



Hong Kong has become an increasingly popular destination for setting up an offshore company. Opening an offshore company in Hong Kong is a straightforward but tedious process.



An Ireland offshore company is required to have a registered office in the Republic of Ireland, where the details regarding the directors and secretaries are maintained.


Isle of Man

There are several tax favoured areas around the world, but none can rival the significant advantages provided by the Isle Of Man as an offshore money centre.



As Luxembourg is a member of both the EU and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO),a Luxembourg company is the perfect vehicle through which to hold intellectual property rights that can be enforced internationally.



Macau is also a free port without exchange controls, and funds can flow in and out freely; thus many investors have been attracted to invest in Macau. Macau offshore company means a Macau company operating outside of the Macau region.



Malta now offers two types of offshore company which will be of interest to the tax planner: the International Holding Company (IHC) and the International Trading Company (ITC). An ITC is a normal onshore Maltese company.


Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are located in the northern region of the Pacific Ocean (Oceania). According to the local rules, it is also possible to register international offshore companies in the Marshall Islands which are exempt of any type of income tax.



PMC Solutions can assist with your Mauritius offshore company formation, and get your business set up in a timely and efficient manner. We provide expert support and assistance throughout the whole registration process, and can offer additional company services if needed.



Monaco is a sovereign city-state located in Western Europe on the French Riviera. PMC Solutions provides offshore company setup for Monaco. The principality of Monaco is very famous worldwide for being one of the preferred wealth management destinations.


Saint Kitts & Nevis

One of the more popular Caribbean destinations, St Kitts & Nevis is a balance between cost and reputation if an offshore solution is needed. The tax regime in St Kitts & Nevis is generous and follows the familiar IBC model, with no personal or corporate tax on foreign income or assets, and with no inheritance tax, capital gains tax of gift tax.


Saint Lucia

PMC Solutions can help you every step of the way in establishing a St. Lucia offshore company. St. Lucia laws allow for the following categories of business ownership: Private Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, Trusts, Mutual Funds. The most popular form used by international investors for registering St. Lucia IBC is private limited company.


Saint Vincent & The Greandines

If you wish to incorporate a offshore company in St. Vincent, our team of skilled legal advisers can assist you with the company formation and the opening of a Bank Account so that you can start and go about your business immediately and effectively.



Seychelles IBC – an International Business Company – is the most popular and versatile type of offshore corporation available in Seychelles. Similar to other classic offshore companies, Seychelles IBC is designed to engage in international business.



Singapore is an ideal location for global businesses to site their headquarters. PMC Solutions offers services for Singapore offshore company registration. The offshore companies in Singapore are known as Business companies .