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To match with the progressing and developing business world, the companies need to set up their business internationally.

The formation of a company is never easy whether it is in the home country or on foreign land. The market, procedures, language cost, and resources all differ in various aspects. Many times the rules and regulations vary from state to state and province to province. No same procedures are prevalent across the country.

The complexities of handling bureaucracies and mandatory procedures to bring the company into legal existence are very high. Formalities such as local tax registration, license to hire employees, business license registration, and employer and social security are also required. Without these legalities the entity setup will have to face many legal consequences and compliance in the foreign country.

It is recommended to the entrepreneurs to hire the services of experts who are experienced in the company formation process and the related services like opening the bank account in the company’s name, establishing a mellifluous relationship with the government departments, tax reporting, and many other allied services.
The expenses incurred in hiring the company set up consultant is equilibrated by saving the time in the process, as the registration process is very time-consuming for a new applicant.

PMC Solutions FZCO – Areas of Support

PMC Solutions FZCO manages overseas company set up and other related aspects like:

  • Registration and license
  • Handling Entity registration documents
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Advice on corporate structure – Director/Shareholders
  • Obtaining approval for business license and registration
  • Obtain Tax ID
  • Register the incorporated entity as a local employer
  • Post-Incorporation
  • Payroll Setup
  • Registration of Social Security
  • Accounting System Setup
  • VAT/GST/HST etc
  • Management Reporting
  • Cash management process

PMC Solutions FZCO serves you with the best of services

PMC Solutions FZCO provides international company formation services at a reasonable price to our clients. We cover almost every requirement of company registration services. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals helps clients in registering companies across the globe. All types of issues related to company formation and client queries are handled with appropriate resolution.

Our team of professionals is very dedicated to client satisfaction and can assist the client on many subjects they need like, business intentions and operations. PMC Solutions FZCO provides consultation on the tax and legal systems to maximize the benefits.

We at the PMC Solutions FZCO offer an entire package of services, such as:

  • Appointment of directors
  • Appointment of local agents
  • Appointment of trustee/ shareholders
  • Opening of Bank accounts
  • Accounting services

We follow the policy of customer satisfaction by providing quality services and query resolution in the company formation process. We aim at providing complete satisfaction to clients and solutions to problems with sincerity, integrity, professionalism, and personal attention.

Contact us for International Company Formation and we will be pleased to serve you.


We follow the policy of customer satisfaction by providing quality services and query resolution in the company formation


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