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If you want to make the most out of the business opportunities here in Dubai, we can help you in setting up a Mainland Company in an extremely seamless way. Dubai is a thriving region where the business environment, economy, and investment opportunities present numerous prospects for business aspirants, such as a Limited Liability Company or LLC formation. Accordingly, PMC Solutions FZCO provides remarkable support in setting up a potential Mainland Company in Dubai, without any hassle. And, in this way, we help you to make the best out of these opportunities by providing comprehensive advice on the best-suited pathways for your preferred venture.

What exactly is a Mainland License?

A Mainland UAE entity holds a Mainland or onshore license, permitting the business to be administered, run, and executed from within the UAE or internationally, without any difficulties. These licenses are regulated and issued by Emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED). One of the major advantages of setting up the mainland company or registering a local company in Dubai is that it allows the execution of business activities, without any territorial restrictions.

For the attainment of a DED mainland license, the presence of a UAE National as a Local Service Agent or Local Partner is vital. The status of the UAE National for your company depends on your business activities. A local Service Agent represents the company in administrative dealings and does not hold any shares. On the other hand, a local sponsor holds 51% of the company shares. Accordingly, a prescribed annual fee can be paid in order to retain the entire control of the business.

The Types of Licenses you can Get

Your type of Mainland license depends upon your services.

Professional License: for the individuals or companies that provide services to the public

Commercial License: for the companies involved with general trading in legal goods

Commercial License: for the companies involved with general trading in legal goods

Manufacturing or Industrial License: for the companies engaged in manufacturing activities

Mainland Company Legal Structures

The following structured are covered by mainland licensed entities:

LSA (Local Service Agent)

Under such a Mainland License, a Local Emirati is appointed as a Service Agent to assist the company in ventures like obtaining visas for an annual fee.

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

One of the most common business entities, LLC registration and setup in Dubai involves shareholders anywhere from 2 to 50 and the liability bore by each partner is as per the ratio of shareholding.


Investors looking forward to growing their businesses can also choose Mainland license to establish a branch office in Dubai.

Representative office

With a Mainland license, foreign investors can also set up a representative office for marketing and research, without the need of any shareholder.

Sole establishment

Also known as Sole Proprietorship, it is completely owned by a single individual for commercial, industrial, professional or consultancy activities.

Civil company

These companies refer to the business partnerships of individuals related to prominent fields, including accountants, engineers, lawyers, and doctors.


A Subsidiary Company is a corporation or limited liability company, which is owned by another company called the Parent Company.

Why should you set up a Mainland Company?

Despite the potential areas for growth, investors and business enthusiasts all around the world prefer setting up a Mainland Company for a plethora of reasons and providence of various pro services in Dubai.

Tax Incentives

Be it personal or business, foreign investors are not required to pay income tax for running their businesses in Dubai.

Focal Location

UAE is a major strategic region in the world, offering plenty of prospects for investment and expansion of business activities.

Availability of Resources

Many commercial activities require certain resources, which are easily available in the region of the UAE.

Feasibility of Business Activities

Regardless of business nature, Mainland activities can carry out any sort of legal and approved activities from the UAE to the outside world.

Availability of Visas

A Mainland license also opens the doors to obtaining an investor and residence visa, without any hassle or difficulties.

Mainland Company Setup Process

Although setting up a company can be tedious, with the help of PMC Solutions FZCO, it can become fairly easy. Generally, the following steps are required for company formation:

1. Selecting the Business Activity

We advise you on choosing the right jurisdiction as per your specified business activities, depending on your feasibility and monetary conditions.

2. Choosing the Company Structure

According to the business activity, we help you in deciding whether you need to invest in LLC formation, having 51% local sponsorship, or LSA, giving you 100% shareholding.

3. Deciding the Trade Name

Once the structure of the business is in place, our experts aid you in securing the company name, as per the availability, and registering it.

4. Approval of the Initial License

After the registration of the trade name, we provide thorough support for completing the process of license application.

5. Issuing of License

Depending on your business activity, your license is issued by Emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED).

6. Opening of Company’s Bank Account

Our expansive network of banking experts further provide assistance to the companies in setting up their corporate bank accounts.

7. Processing of Important Documents

From Establishment Cards and Visa to Labor files, companies can also rely on us for assistance in documentation queries.

Why should you trust PMC Solutions FZCO?

PMC Solutions FZCO is a multi-faceted company, which specializes in the providence of mainland assistance for business ventures, ranging from Small and Medium to Large Enterprises. Our team comprises of versatile individuals who employ operational transparency to facilitate customers in every aspect. Other than consultancy in Mainland related services, we also help our clients in dealing with:

  • Banking-related activities
  • Company / Personal Domicile Tax Certificate
  • Second Citizenship
  • Investor, Employment or Family Visa
  • License Amendment & Renewal
  • Company Liquidation
  • Office Rental
  • PRO Services
  • VAT Registration, including VAT Consultancy, Registration, and Return Filing Services in UAE
  • Trade License Renewal

Ready to Set up your Mainland Company?

We provide not only strategic consultancy in setting up your company but also assist in the tedious documentation process, ensuring cheap, yet professional corporate services in Dubai. In this way, you can rest assured that the foundations of your company are in safe hands. So reach out to us and have a word to initiate the formation of your Mainland Company.

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