British Virgin Island

British virgin islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a British dependency located in the Eastern Caribbean, about 80 kilometers East of Puerto Rico.

English is the official language and the official currency is the United States Dollar.

The government is stable and promises to remain that way.

There is good commercial and professional infrastructure and the government is actively encouraging the development of the offshore finance business.

The registration of companies is now upgraded by installing state of the art technology.

BVI offshore companies are very popular and widely used because of their administrative ease, flexibility, taxation exempt status.

Also they are widely accepted and understood by the international financial community.

BVI Business Company’s may engage in any activity that is not illegal under the laws of the BVI subjected to any restrictions in their Memorandum of Association.

Accounting Requirement :- There is no requirement to file accounts with the authorities but a company is required to keep financial records that reflects the financial position of the company.

The BVI uses VIRRGIN, a state of the art electronic filing system.

Company incorporations and post-incorporation filings are made electronically. This leads to quick and efficient turnaround of documents by the Registry of Corporate Affairs.