Belize ibc offshore company registry

Belize touch its international borders from north side by Mexico, south border touches Guatemala, and on east borders lies on Caribbean Sea. Belize has mainland of about 290 km in length and 110 km wide. Belize is a tax haven and offshore Company Formation is quite easy, hassle-free and affordable in comparison to other offshore company formation. Belize offshore companies are legitimately registered to operate outside the country of their registration. Offshore business companies registered in Belize are exempt from all taxes and not required to file any financial reports. Belize offers significant advantages to businesses as well as private investors by allowing rapid incorporation at affordable price, permitting full tax exemption and keeping the annual filing at a zero rate. Belize is a highly reputable, well known and stable offshore jurisdiction.

The Belize LLC equivalent is the Belize LDC. LDC stands for “Limited Duration Company.” The Belize LDC is a tax flow-through entity. Thus, the company, itself, pays no tax. Instead, the tax responsibility, if any, passes through to its owner(s). Because Belize does not tax the owner, the amount due depends on the jurisdiction in which the owner resides and whether or not the owner resides in a country that taxes worldwide income. These companies are very much like the limited liability company (LLC) that exists in the U.S. They also bear similarities to the GmbH that exists in Germany as well as the “Limitada” found in many Latin American countries. Similar to an LLC, the internal affairs are documented in an “operating agreement” instead of corporate by-laws.

It is very simple to incorporate an offshore company in Belize. Best of all, it is also very fast (same day) and affordable, thus making Belize the most cost-effective offshore jurisdiction in the world. You do not have to be present in Belize to register your company, and the entire process of setting up an offshore company can be completed within 24 hours. For these reasons, Belize is the best tax haven for small companies and startups.