Bahamas offshore company formation

The Bahamas is officially known as the “Commonwealth of the Bahamas” and is located in the Lucayan Archipelago. There are more than 700 islands, islets, and cays in the Atlantic Ocean making up the Bahamas Islands.

PMC Solutions is a leading corporate services provider offering Bahamas company formation to clients worldwide. Being so close the United States, makes the Bahamian company formation very popular for Americans and others seeing to form offshore limited companies. The Bahamas company can have a single shareholder or founder, so it is not complicated to figure out your needs.

Starting a business in the Bahamas isn’t cheap, at least for foreigners. The Bahamas Investment Authority requires a minimum capital investment of a half-million Bahamian dollars, roughly equal to the same amount in U.S. dollars. If you want to run a business in a tropical paradise, there are other hoops you’ll have to jump through. All company members shall confirm their identifications and financial information to complete the registration. Considering business activity of your company is also a serious step before forming a company on the Bahamas.