Ajman Offshore

Ajman Offshore company formation

Ajman offshore Company benefits from confidentiality & privacy. The permitted address of the Ajman offshore company must be the address of the registered agent. Setting up an offshore company in Ajman is inexpensive and time efficient. Ajman offshore companies are also non-resident companies which is similar to other offshore companies. They are not permitted to operate within UAE. These companies will simply receive a company incorporation certificate. Ajman offshore company cannot conduct business within the United Arab Emirates. The shareholders are permitted to invest in UAE companies.

Ajman Offshore company registration mandates a minimum of two directors. Offshore companies set up have to conduct annual audits and hold meetings in the presence of an auditor. It is necessary to have a registered agent to interrelate with Ajman Authority with regards to Ajman Offshore Company Formation. PMC Solutions assists in the Ajman Offshore company formation as we are registered business agents in Dubai and provide Ajman offshore Company setup services. We help you save time, money and efforts by handling all the paperwork and getting all approvals from Ajman free zone authorities.