An Introduction to Twofour54

The name is derived from Abu Dhabi’s mapping coordinates (24° North, 54° East). Twofour54 is a tax-free media and entertainment zone located at Abu Dhabi. Twofour54’s vision is to make possible the development of standard class Arabic media and entertainment by Arabs and for Arabs and create a platform for films, music, digital media, broadcast, events, gaming and publishing.

Twofour54 is media and entertainment free zone which offers almost every facility to set up your business by providing space for office, talent development initiatives and training, production facilities and business support services for media companies.

Activities carried on in Twofour54 are:

  • Business setup
  • Film and Television Services
  • Creative Lab
  • Professional Training
  • Government and travel services
  • Media Zone Authority Initiative

Benefits to the customers of Twofour54

  • Tax free media zone
  • Film production
  • Media hub
  • Broadcast facilities
  • Production services and facilities
  • Television production
  • Post production
  • Content creation
  • Start up incubator
  • Media talent development

Financial Benefits to the Clients of Twofour54

  • 100% Ownership of the Business
  • 0%Income Tax
  • 0% Corporate Tax
  • No minimum share capital required

Why to set up business in UAE free zone – Twofour54?

Some of the biggest names in the industry of media and entertainment are based at Dubai’s Twofour54 free zone. It includes CNN, Fox, Sky News (Arabia), Cartoon Network and UbiSoft. It is the perfect location for any business, big or small, to sustain and prosper.

Prosper and get your Business setup in UAE free zone

Twofour54 has designed a thriving destination, where people are invited to come for the purpose of innovation, collaboration, and creation.

How to set up your Business in Twofour54?

Those foreign investors who all are interested in establishing their business in Abu Dhabi and want to be a part of Twofour54 free zone have to follow some simple steps of registering the company.

  • Selection of the business structure is the first step
  • Filling the application form stating the name of the company
  • Providing the required supporting documents
  • Paying the license fees.
  • Opening of a corporate bank account after receiving the license.

Easy and Convenient Process of Starting Business with Twofour54

Abu Dhabi’s media zone professional staff are accountable for managing and administering all licensing aspects to do business in Twofour54, which include following the regulations, licensing and registration of proprietorship or single owner firms / freelancers, business branch office and companies, codes and policies and procedures, and providing content guidance to its licensees.

Role of PMC Solutions FZCO

Our collaborative ecosystem provides a wide range of support to the clients starting from IT services, travel arrangements, marketing to business networking and services including government liaison, logistics and office support, and offer you the platform where talent can meet the facilities to develop and sustain all through a one-stop-shop.

The staff of PMC Solutions FZCO is extremely helpful. The team of experts is very professional and highly qualified in their particular field. Our staff is very responsive to every query that comes regarding business setup in UAE.