Company Registration in Abu Dhabi – KIZAD through PMC Solutions FZCO

Khalifa Industrial Free Zone of Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) is one of the world’s biggest business free zone. The strategic location of KIZAD links East and West. The multi-modal infrastructure provides linking of roads, railways, air and sea which offers the investor an easy access to the market of around 4.5 billion consumers.

The foremost objective of KIZAD is to bring the foreign investments to UAE resulting in improved non-oil GDP and generation of job opportunities for the countrymen.

KIZAD is located almost equidistant to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is very close to the Khalifa Port. It offers licenses for Industrial and Service activities, Trading and Logistics at very subsidized fees. KIZAD free zone is divided into 2 area, Area A and B. Area A focuses on operations in industrial sector while Area B is for commerce-based companies.

Benefits of Setting up a Company in KIZAD

KIZAD has its own benefits of business setup:

  • 0% Corporate and Personal Tax.
  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • Advantage of strategic location.
  • Utilities at very low cost.
  • Fast process for documentation and awarding of License.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit.
  • 100% exemption from Import duty on goods and services.
  • Readily available offices and warehouses.
  • Connectivity of roads, railways, air and sea.
  • Banking Facility.

Types of Licenses offered by KIZAD

KIZAD provides different types of Licenses to all types of business forms

  1. Industrial License

Industrial License is the most common form of license in KIZAD. The main purpose of industrial license is importing raw material and machineries, assembling of goods and packaging and exporting the finished goods.

  1. General Trading License

Companies that are involved in Importing and Exporting and Trading of goods apply for trading license. A trading license permits a company to trade in multiple goods and services.

  1. Service License

Business activities like marketing services, management consultancy, warehousing services, restaurant services, tour and travel services, logistics services come under this category of service license.

The Process of Company Formation

Following are the important steps to register your business in KIZAD

  • Deciding the Economic Activity – To start the business in KIZAD, the investor needs to determine the type of business activity under the regulation of Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi.
  • Defining Legal form Of Company – The right legal form should be defined so that the adjustments can be made according to the business requirements. The legal form may vary from company to company depending on the nature of the business.
  • Business Name Registration – The next step is to register the business name. An appropriate business name should be selected for the company before any initial approval.
  • Procuring Approvals from Free Zone Authorities – On getting trade name certificate, the investor is required to get all the necessary approvals from the authorities concerned.
  • Business License – Before stating the business, you need to acquire the Business License. The licenses are of many categories depending on the nature of the business the investor has chosen.

Facilities available at KIZAD

  • Standard Office
  • Executive Office
  • Flexi Desk
  • Land on lease
  • Light Industrial Units
  • Warehouses

PMC Solutions FZCO ready to Serve You

PMC Solutions FZCO is ready to serve and guide in the setting up of a new company at UAE right from the scratch up to making it operational. From applying for the registration and licenses up to opening of the bank account. PMC Solutions FZCO will assist the client by taking care of all the legal work, immigration formalities and banking and ensure a low-cost and hassle-free registration of the company in KIZAD.

Contact us for your queries related to new business registration in KIZAD and our team of professionals would lend their expertise to solve any of your business setup requirements.